Московский автомобильно-дорожный государственный технический университет (МАДИ) » «Vestnik Moskovskogo avtomobilno-dorozhnogo gosudarstvennogo tehnicheskogo universiteta (MADI)» | Number 4(31), December 2012

«Vestnik Moskovskogo avtomobilno-dorozhnogo gosudarstvennogo tehnicheskogo universiteta (MADI)» | Number 4(31), December 2012



Motor transport

Factors and the analysis of competitiveness of vehicles and services

Authors: V. Gaevskij, M. Podolskiy

The causes of decline of resource of the engine oil when the operation of modern passenger cars

Authors: A. Khaziev

Transportation engineering

Method of formation and rational use of park of cars road organizations

Authors: M. Abdulaev

Some method of definition of support reactions connected with mechanism freedom degrees

Authors: N. Demidova

Review of modern continuously variable transmissions

Authors: V. Byakov, S. Kotovitch

The risks of technical service

Authors: V. Daugello, A. Staykova

Maneuverability characteristics of special purpose heavy load multisupporting platform vihicle

Authors: L. Demidov

Economics and management

Problems of modernization by managing economic entities of the motor transport

Authors: M. Ulitsky, A. Khmelnitsky

Maintenance services market: tendencies evaluation, status and perspectives

Authors: E. Kuznetsov, S. Kuznetsov

Transport-technology system efficiency improvement in cases of lighting equipment delivery

Authors: A. Mozharov

Information technologies

Analysis of methodology of direct/indirect traffic management subsystems construction

Authors: A. Vorobev, B. Subbotin

Information support of integration of resource planning and project management

Authors: P. Yurchik, V. Golubkova, I. Iorina, D. Gusenitsa

Reliability of automated systems of information processing and management with provisioning by the substitution

Authors: А. Hadirov, K. Kononov, T. Chrueva

Indirect traffic management systems, designed on the basis of qualitative matrices of correspondence

Authors: D. Morozov

Telematic systems continuous tracking mobile objects on the basis of local position (technology activerfid) for the management of objects internal transit transport of attraction

Authors: A. Ustinov

Highways, bridges & transport tunnels

Analysis of a transport and operational condition of highways of the Russian Federation

Authors: V. Guseinaliev

Particularities of operation of diaphragm plates at branching of steel ferroconcrete flyover span structures

Authors: V. Popov, Maryam Morid Asadi

Definition of the basic hydrographic characteristics of small catchment areas

Authors: G. Fedotov, G. Naumov

The forecasting of relative working capacity indexes of nonrigid pavements

Authors: M. Gorjachev

Control of the engineering data of components of the lifecycle model of the highway

Authors: P. Pospelov, A. Kotov, G. Fedotov

Automation of the production processes

Method of clustering physical and mechanical properties of asphalt pavement in the quality management system of asphalt mixes

Authors: M. Balantseva, A. Nikolaev, Y. Krasnov, P. Tovkach

Automating the process of preparing organic mineral supplement based on a mixture of ash and slag

Authors: V. Marsov, M. Mintsaev, M. Isaeva