«Vestnik Moskovskogo avtomobilno-dorozhnogo gosudarstvennogo tehnicheskogo universiteta (MADI)» |


1. Articles published in the magazine "Vestnik of MADI", are subject to mandatory internal review. An external review by the author is allowed, but can not substitute the internal review

2. Review of articles is carried out free of charge.

3. Articles of the Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences are not subject to internal review. The same refers to informational materials about scientific events, surveys, reviews, and reviews of published scientific works.

4. The article is included in the register within three days after it reached the editor. After verification of the subject areas of the article to these of scientific journal, appliance of technical requirements to the design and structure of the article, the e-mail is sent to the author which notify that the process of consideration and reviewing started. In case the articles content is inappropriate to journals scientific subjects an e-mail with founded refusal is sent to the author. In case the technical design of the manuscript is inappropriate the author is asked to change it and to send the article again.

5. The reviewer is appointed by the chief editor or the executive secretary from among the members of the editorial board, as well as scientists, not members of the editorial board with a doctorate degree (as an exception - the candidate) in the scientific field corresponding to the article’s content.

A member of the editorial board cannot be a reviewer of the article if it is submitted in collaboration with him. Reviewers of articles submitted by a graduate students, doctoral candidates, degree applicants cannot be the supervisors (scientific advisors) of the graduate student, doctoral candidate or applicant.

6. Review time - 7 to 30 days from the moment the article is received by the publisher.

7. The internal review is done confidentially. Information about the reviewers is not disclosed to the author.

8. Articles are sent to the reviewer by e-mail or delivered in person in printed form. The reviewer is warned that the article is intellectual property of the author. Disclosure or other use of the contents of the article prior to its publication, coping of it for personal use, the transfer of the article to another reviewer without the permission of the chief editor or executive secretary is strictly forbidden.

9. The author is informed of the internal review results by e-mail.

10. Upon the written request by the author (s) electronic copies of negative reviews are sent to him by e-mail without specifying the names of the reviewer.

11. The author is informed by e-mail on comments and recommendations on the article and is also notified of a specific re-submission date of the article. Upon re-submission, it is sent to the same reviewer.

12. Upon receiving a negative review, the author has the right to give a written founded response to comments made by the reviewer and apply for another review by another specialist. Another reviewer can be assigned after the Editorial Board receives the author’s written request. In the event of a second negative review, the author is sent a copy of the review and a notice of rejection.

13. Articles which get positive reviews are considered by the editorial board of the journal. After that a final decision is made whether to include the article in the current or any subsequent issues of the journal. If the final decision is positive; the author receives a notification containing publication dates, in the event of a negative decision an founded refusal.

14. The original reviews are kept by the publisher for five years from the date of publication of the article.

15. Copies of the reviews are submitted to the Higher Attestation Commission on demand.


1. The review should include:

  • A list of the positive qualities of the manuscript.
  • A list of the shortcomings of the manuscript.
  • The overall assessment of the manuscript and a recommendation for the editorial board.
  • The code and the name of the specialty.

2. Don`t forget to pay attention to the methods, data base, main points, interpretation of results, bibliography and other key components of the manuscript.

3. At the end of the review a recommendation for the publishers should be pointed out:

  • Publish material.
  • Publish material after processing, which can be done by the editors.
  • Publish material after processing, which can be done by the author.
  • Send article for another review.
  • Reject the manuscript.

4. If the "Publish the material after processing ..." recommendation is selected, please specify which changes (requirements for this article) are required from the point of view of the reviewer, and which can be considered as suggestions.

5. Volume of the review – At least one page of text.

6. Review must be signed and stamped.

Note: Articles written by Academicians are accepted without review. The supervisor of the dissertation cannot be a reviewer.