Московский автомобильно-дорожный государственный технический университет (МАДИ) » «Vestnik Moskovskogo avtomobilno-dorozhnogo gosudarstvennogo tehnicheskogo universiteta (MADI)» | Number 2(21), June 2010

«Vestnik Moskovskogo avtomobilno-dorozhnogo gosudarstvennogo tehnicheskogo universiteta (MADI)» | Number 2(21), June 2010



Transportation engineering

The Non-Expediency of Conducting Mayor Repairs of Automobile Machinery in Modern Conditions

Authors: V. Grigor’ev, S. Pavlishin

The thermodinamical basis of the taking into account of the recirculation in the thermal calculation of internal-combustion engines

Authors: L. Matiukhin

Establishment of periodicall anticorrosive treatment of the body pan

Authors: A. Rementsov, I. Fadeev

Transport construction

Designing and calculation evaporating and evaporating-absorbing pools of drainage systems of airports

Authors: B. Vinogradov

Establishing of effective technological parameters of compensation grouting in the tunneling

Authors: L. Makovsky, V. Kravchenko

Economics and management

Increase of efficiency of use motor transport and logistics centers

Authors: N. Ulickay, M. Zavgaeva

Fleet forming concepts and usage of planning in road agency

Authors: M. Abdulaev

Reengineering of financial and economic service in organizational structure of management of the enterprises of building branch in modern conditions of managing

Authors: E. Shaykhullin, Z. Muhametzyanov

The theory of enterprise efficiency in motor trans­port subcomplex

Authors: Z. Sepherova

Personnel management in the road transport: mathematical modeling of control object parameters

Authors: I. Pustovetova, E. Vitvitskiy

Lessons of Economic Crisis

Authors: G. Arutyunova, I. Kirova, T. Popova

Information technologies 

Analysis of the integral evaluation grade of imitation models on the initial stage of modeling process

Authors: A. Ostrouh, A. Solntsev, N. Soldatov, K. Notitsky, P. Yakunin

Mathematical model of communications in system of diagnostics of the electric equipment of cars

Authors: O. Kalukhov, A. Ostroukh, A.Solntsev, G.Yagudaev

Solving the balance equation in decomposition method of transportation processes imitation modeling

Authors: V. Ditsky, A. Travkin, D. Vlasov, A. Chicherin

Automation of the production processes

Use porous permeable ceramics obtained by burn additives as a filter elements of ceramic filters for water

Authors: А. Iluhin, M.Chantieva

Study of the transport’s peculiarity of bulk materials by screw conveyors

Authors: P. Zolotarev

Motor transportation

Situational management of urban passenger transport

Authors: V. Rassokha, E. Bondarenko

Adaptive mathematical model to optimize delivery to the district with specific weather conditions

Authors: N. Filippova

Situation management motor transport system

Authors: M. Sultanakhmedov

Traffic safety

Substantiation of definition of the zone of optimum installation for intelligent transport system

Authors: S. Zhankaziev

Definition of optimum placing of informational objects of transport telematic Routing orientation system

Authors: S. Zhankaziev, A. Vorob’ev