Московский автомобильно-дорожный государственный технический университет (МАДИ) » «Vestnik Moskovskogo avtomobilno-dorozhnogo gosudarstvennogo tehnicheskogo universiteta (MADI)» | Number 2(37), June 2014

«Vestnik Moskovskogo avtomobilno-dorozhnogo gosudarstvennogo tehnicheskogo universiteta (MADI)» | Number 2(37), June 2014



Perfection of the education system

From the Imperial Engineering School to the transport industry institutions (1810-1930)

Authors: Smyk A.

Motor transport

Comparability of time of reaction of the driver and reaction of the car to steering wheel turn

Authors: Ostashevskiy S.

Means for mathematical simulation of single-track vehicles

Authors: Plakhotnichenko A., Gaevskiy V., Podolskiy M.

Digital filters used in vehicle automation

Authors: Alexandrova І., Alexandrova T., Lazarenko A., Zein A.

Transportation engineering

The determination of equivalent parameters of the working mixture on the pressure stroke's begin

Authors: Matyukhin L.

Application of ultrasonic technology for the preparation of paint to spray

Authors: Nigmetzyanov R., Sundukov S., Fatyukhin D.

Types and features motion multisupporting self propelled heavy vehicles along a curved path

Authors: Gladov G., Demidov L.

Economics and management

Risk analysis and maintenance costs optimization for oil refineries by RBI and RCM methodologies

Authors: Pavlov V., Samokhvalov A.

Complex of regulators and mechanisms of motor transport business functioning in big cities

Authors: Khmelnitskiy A.

Economic problems and directions of development of production localization to vehicles

Authors: Chirikanova E.

Information technologies

Development of automated control system of technological process of production of Sulphur in the tank

Authors: Karim D.A.H., Nikolaev A.

Development of guidelines and algorithms for control and accounting regimes of work and rest of drivers of motor vehicles through the use of automated video-identification and satellite navigation

Authors: Vlasov V., Bogumil V., Efimenko D., Konin I.

Highways, bridges & transport tunnels

Actual problem of bridge protection against scour

Authors: Andrianov Y.

Assessment of a safe condition of low-head water power development in Moscow

Authors: Altunin V., Chernich O.

Program for calculation of prestressed concrete beam bridge spans standards AASHTO-LRFD

Authors: Pham Van Thoan.

Placing of cement-polymer wearing course for cement concrete pavements

Authors: Ushakov V., Diakov G.

Power criterions working capacity of non-rigid pavements

Authors: Gorjachev M.

Automation of the production processes

Combined control dispenser is continuously action

Authors: Iluhin A., Marsov V., Kolbasin A., Dinh An Ninh.

Automation of the production processes

Assessment of influence of various factors on the intensity of the allocation of aerosol particles less than 10 micrometer on the street road network

Authors: Chizhova V.


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