Московский автомобильно-дорожный государственный технический университет (МАДИ) » Научно-образовательный центр инновационных технологий в логистике (НОЦ-ТЛ) | English version

Научно-образовательный центр инновационных технологий в логистике (НОЦ-ТЛ) | English version

Dear colleagues!

For more than 20 years already, MADI has been one of the leading Russian centers engaged in training high-qualified specialists in the sphere of logistics, supply chain management, scientific research and implementation of consulting projects, which are directed at the development and modernization of the transport and logistic complex of Russia, including Moscow.

Nowadays, the stable economic development of Russia, its regions and big cities demands a certain optimization of logistic costs during the whole life cycle of a product: at production, storage, transportation, sale, exploitation, after-sale maintenance and utilization. These tasks cannot be solved without a modernization of the material, technical and technological base of companies, as well as without usage of modern technologies by carrying out the majority of logistic operations. The creation of a logistics infrastructure on a new quality level is connected with a necessity of improving the cadre training methodology in the logistic sphere by integrating economic, management and engineering knowledge.

Considering the importance of solving these tasks, MADI decided to establish a science- and educational center of innovative technologies in logistics (NOZ-TL) which belongs to the faculty of logistics and general transport problems. The goals of NOZ-TL’s foundation are contribution to the modernization of Russia’s logistic infrastructure, as well as forming a new quality level of logistic management. To reach these goals, the center has to solve a whole complex of tasks connected with cadre training in the logistic sphere on the basis of cooperation with high-technological  companies and international experts, as well as with implementation of scientific research and carrying out consulting projects, which corresponds to the international standard.

In order to found NOZ-TL, MADI had to form several laboratories and to create a certain concept for each of them. This process was carried out in cooperation with the leading organizations from Russia and foreign countries: the logistic coordinating council (KSL), the Federal logistic union of Germany (BVL), Fraunhofer’s institute of organization and automation of industrial production and with an expert council, which includes representatives of leading companies operating on the Russian market.

Currently NOZ-TL has unique possibilities to implement basic and additional educational programs in every level of professional education, to conduct solemn scientific research and to project new logistic and supply chain systems and technologies.

NOZ-TL includes five educational and scientific laboratories, which correspond to all functional logistic spheres:

  • Laboratory of modeling and managing logistic systems;
  • Laboratory of managing systems and automatic identification;
  • Laboratory of automatic storage and cargo processing technologies;
  • Laboratory of situational analysis of logistic processes;
  • Laboratory of supply chain safety and cargo transportation system control.

There are several basic and additional logistic educational programs implemented on the basis of NOZ-TL:  bachelor, specialist, master’s degree, professional development, advanced training, including MBA programs. The content of the educational process is oriented on solving relevant business tasks. Moreover, the trainees obtain a possibility to “peep into the future of logistics”, to become familiar with the most effective methods and technologies of organizing logistic processes, which are being developed by the leading scientific organizations and used by modern high-technological companies. NOZ-TL’s educational potential is available to a wide circle of consumers: from students, who acquire the first professional education, to top-managers of business corporations. NOZ-TL’s modern laboratory basis, its professional science team allow to carry out scientific and research work in several directions, which are relevant for both executive power bodies and businesses, modeling and managing of logistic systems, implementation of automatic identification systems, development of storage and cargo processing technologies etc.

NOZ-TL is one of the best examples of successful cooperation of a university and a business-community. A substantial part of the laboratory equipment and informational systems, which are used in the Center, has been provided by NOZ-TL’s Partners on a gratuitous basis. Currently NOZ-TL is collaborating with more than 10 leading Russian and foreign companies and associations, which are producing and supplying modern technological equipment and informational systems in the logistic and supply chain management sphere.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our Partners for productive cooperation!

I am sure that NOZ-TL itself, the basic and additional educational programs on its basis, the implemented scientific researches and consulting projects  will allow to improve the level of logistic systems of companies, regions and the country in general.