Московский автомобильно-дорожный государственный технический университет (МАДИ) » «Vestnik Moskovskogo avtomobilno-dorozhnogo gosudarstvennogo tehnicheskogo universiteta (MADI)» | Number 3(18), September 2009

«Vestnik Moskovskogo avtomobilno-dorozhnogo gosudarstvennogo tehnicheskogo universiteta (MADI)» | Number 3(18), September 2009



Motor transport

Analyzes of the static characteristic of the vacuum servo of brakes

Authors: S. Shuklinov

Revealing the faults of the car engines on base diagnostics secondary system chains of the ignition

Authors: V. Korchagin, U. Lopuhov, G. Musaelyanc, E. Pavlenko

Use of the multidimensional statistical analysis for the adaptability estimation on motor transport

Authors: K. Tchumlyakof

To a question of formation of rational structure of city passenger transport in the city of Orenburg

Authors: I. Lyubimov, N. Sultanov, Е. Bondarenko

Complex of technical means for diagnosing braking systems in automobiles

Authors: A. Osipov

Formation and analysis of poly-factor mathematical models of spare parts expense by municipal buses in exploitation

Authors: O. Molozhavtsev, V. Maksimov

Transportation engineering 

Analysis of ultrasonic influence impact on the properties of materials

Authors: M. Morshchilov, V. Prikhodko, O. Seliverstova

Interrelation of the physical phenomena occurring in near and distant zones ultra-sound high-amplitude rod-type oscillators

Authors: L. Makarov, V. Prikhodko, D. Fatyukhin

Generalized indicators and criteria for evaluating the technical level of vehicles of low weight category during the process of improving their effectiveness

Authors: A. Stepanov, E. Tretyakov

Improvement of alloyed steel performance attributes by thermo-chemical treactment in separated atmospheres of air and ammonia

Authors: L. Petrova, V. Aleksandrov, L. Shestopаlova

Transport construction

Automatic Local Tracing of Roads

Authors: A. Vishnyakov

Peculiarities of functioning of the division zone of passage constructions of iron concrete overpasses with pillar supports

Authors: V. Popov, Pham Van Thoan

Economics and management

Research of freight motor transport system adaptability for market conditions

Authors: O. Smirnova

Methodological foundations оf option mechanism of urban public transport property complex objects economic use

Authors: N. Ulitskaya

On the nature of modern economic crisis

Authors: G. Arutyunova, I. Kirova, T. Popova

Optimization of the investment-financial program of development of the road enterprise

Authors: E. Dinges, S. Pozdeeva

Development of the innovative activity in the construction under modern conditions of economic management

Authors: L. Borisova

Information technologies

Analysis of spikes of road surface elevation mark

Authors: P. Panov, D. Zaitcev, L. H.Thang, S.V. Mazurenko

Environment safety

Ecologization the city environment at growing influence of motor transport in economy

Authors: K. Mikhailov

Automation of the production processes

Automation of operational administration the granule measurement and the bitumen share in manufacture asphalt-concrete of the mix

Authors: D. Suvorov, Z. Hakimov, M. Chantieva

Motor transportation

Regional passenger transportation supply criterial rating

Authors: N. Bludian, М. Antonov

Formation of united certification principles during dangerous cargos transportation

Authors: D. Moroz