COVID-19: Information for foreign students

Dear student,

Unfortunately, your arrival in Russia is currently suspended, due to the pandemic situation and closed boarders. The question over when the boarders will be open for international students remains unresolved yet. Hopefully, Russian government will allow international students arrival soon.

We are happy to announce that since September 2020 all classes in MADI University are in internal study mode. Obviously, the whole world has faced serious challenges during this pandemic. In accordance with   the requirements of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights, all newly arrived students must self-isolate for 14 days upon the arrival. MADI has prepared special comfortable rooms, where you are going to spend your obligatory short ‘lockdown.’ During 14 days the university will provide you with all necessary food products and access to the Internet. On 10-12 day of the isolation you will be tested for COVID-19. In case the test is negative, you will be able to start your classes in MADI straight away.

We now offer distant learning for those who are ready to start their studies. All you need is a computer, laptop or smartphone with webcam and micro, and access to the Internet. Online classes will take place in Microsoft Teams. You can apply for distant learning by sending an email.

Please, send us a photograph or a copy of your ticket to Moscow to , as soon as you buy it.

We are looking forward to answer your questions!

MADI International Department

Tel.: +7-499-155-03-11

Email: ; ;