Московский автомобильно-дорожный государственный технический университет (МАДИ) » *Preparatory Faculty for Foreign Students of Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical
 University (MADI)

*Preparatory Faculty for Foreign Students of Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical
 University (MADI)

Preparatory Faculty was founded more than 60 year ago. It trains foreign students with complete secondary education to enable them to enter institutions and universities of higher education in Russia at bachelor, master and post-graduate program. Every year about 250-300 student from more than 44 countries study at the Faculty.

The main task of the Faculties to teach foreign students the Russian language as well as to teach them some other subjects in Russian.

The graduates of the Preparatory Faculty continue their education at different technical, economical, medical and art faculties of the Russian universities.

Future engineers side by side with Russian language study Mathematics, Physics, Informatics and Technical Drawing.

Future economists also study mathematics and informatics and side by side with them - history, social study and fundamentals of economics.

Future medical doctors study Russian language, Chemistry, Biology and small course of Physics and Informatics.

Future specialist in arts study history, geography, culture and literature.

Those who were a success at the final exams get the certificate that enables them to enter the first course of different Russian universities according the profession they have chosen.

The documents needed to be admitted to the Preparatory Faculty:

  1. Application with first name, family name, date of birth (birthday certificate), address (in Russian)
  2. Copy of the national passport.
  3. Certificate of secondary education (or above) with subjects and grades (notary copy in Russian).
  4. Medical certificate (including AIDS).
  5. Twelfth photo size 3x4.

The Preparatory Faculty training in 2022/23 cost for academic year is about 2 500$ (depends of currency course), including tuition fee (~1930$), hostel accommodation (~450$), medical insurance services (~90$), visa support (~20$) and invitation (~10$). Used currency course at 18/03/2022. All payments have to in Rubbles. Duration of training – 10 mouths.

Address: 64, Leningradskky pr., Moscow, Russia, 125829, room 385. Tel. +7 (499) 155-03-94 (dean office), +7 (499) 155-04-09 (dean).
E-mail: dpf@madi.ru